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the box all about celebrating the simple triumphs of washing your hair, drinking enough water or simply getting out of bed when mental health makes it hard. 2019 is for loving our selves, our bodies and learning to take care of ourselves even in the most basic ways. This box will be featuring a hardcover novel about Body Positivity and this month we are raising awareness for Encephalitis.

the Australian book box all about slowing down & self care for self confessed bookworms

The Book Forest Crate is Australia’s brand new subscription box, delivered bi-monthly by Forest Fairies to your doorstep!

This whimsical box is your chance to treat yourself (or a loved one) to a beautiful once-off gift or subscription, purposefully designed to help you to relax, unwind and love yourself.

Each term the box will have a new exciting theme. All the boxes will be the same, so you can enjoy your unboxing with your bookish community!


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You can purchase a box by box subscription or you can save money on a 6 - 12 month plan!

The Forest Fairy Delivery

Make a hot drink and wait patiently for your delivery from the forest fairies.
(this is the hard part!)
Boxes are sent on the 15th of every second month.


Take some time to relax, get cosy and enjoy unboxing all your surprises within!

Our February Box Theme

This is our last box before the fairies pack up their fairy dust and tuck in the books for the last time, so I'm taking it back to the roots of self care with the theme...

To start off a new year, I wanted to bring self care back to the basics. Sometimes mental illness can stop us from even the most basic self care, so lets focus on the small triumphs of washing our hair, staying hydrated or simply getting out of bed! I also an tying in a topic close to my heart and creating a focus on body positivity with this theme. Its time to start nurturing our bodies and stop raging war against them, no matter their size or health. 2019 is for loving ourselves.

This box is also bringing awareness to a brain injury illness close to the heart of one of our Aussie small businesses included in this box. This months donation will be going towards research of Encephalitis. You can find out more info at

Of course the true mvp of each box is our book, so what's in store this month? This book is a hardcover copy of a story all about revolutions against the diet culture. Body Positivity is something I'm personally empowered and passionate about and is an integral part of self love. As an accompany to an older book, recently made Netflix movie, this book is the body loving, encouraging best friend you need for 2019.

The Book Forest Fairies - Book Box

The Forest Fairies' Story


What makes our boxes so special?

+ We are one of the only book boxes that focus on the importance of slowing down and self care because we like to take care of our bookworms!

+ We hand pick NEW RELEASE contemporary novels (usually including exclusive goodies from the author) from a wide range of genres suited for adults who live for armchair adventures.

+ Each box focuses on including gorgeous artisian items that support small Australian businesses, especially with ethical and sustainable products.

$1 from every box is donated to Headspace

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I can't stop gushing over how marvellous the whole box is. Mum waited for me to get home form work so we could open it together and now we're just about fighting over who gets to read or use things first. I'm so in love, many blessings x


The box is amazing!!! I love it so much. The candle smells AMAZING, the mint scrub is perfect , the book is exhilarating, the picture is gorgeous, the recipes are devine and the straw is so cute. But most of all the honey stirrer is delicious!! Thank you so much!


I just opened my box and was amazed at how well put together and the attention to detail within the box. It was astounding! I’ve never been interested in any boxes but the fact that yours was local and focused on self-care and quality tempted me. I’m certainly not dissapointed. Can’t wait for more! 


The April box was absolute highlight of my month! It was a joy to open. Every last detail was special. You can really tell you put your heart and soul into this. Mum is always so jealous when I get my box from the forest fairies, so I thought [the Mother's Day Box] was the perfect gift. So thank you!

Kate Claire


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