Box by box (bi-monthly plan)
Box by box (bi-monthly plan)

Box by box (bi-monthly plan)

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This box is charged bi-monthly.

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This subscription starts with our December Box and will be shipped the 10th of December.

Theme: Confetti and Confidence

Life is meant to be lived and celebrated! Let's get loud and proud and learn to celebrate the good things; the successes, the joys and who we are! This box is all about LGBQT+ Pride, the importance of celebrating and learning to have confidence from self love. Features 2 awesome bookish businesses, an A5 art print and 2 items from the fairies to help celebrate!

This book is another YA contemporary novel that we again think anyone will enjoy. This novel follows 3 perspectives of young adults who learn to celebrate life in the face of grief. This book is also something to celebrate: one of the main characters is LGBQT+ representative and the book is written by a debut POC Author! PLUS this book is beautiful - colouful and a hardcover. (ticks all our boxes!!!)