Short Story Competition

Story Crafters and Forest Fairy writers, I am giving you the chance to have your writing featured in our next box! A shimmery opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and be a part of the Armchair Adventures!

The Rules

+ no more then 3000 words
+ has to be a complete story, cannot finish in “to be continued” or with sequels
+ cannot be concluded with “he woke up and it was all a dream” etc, I know you fairies can be more creative then that
+ has to be directly from the prompt but it can be any genre
+ keep it appropriate, no smut or use of swear words unnecessarily


The winner will have their story printed and included in the August box and will receive 15% off for the box! Finalists will be listed on our website for everyone to read and give the authors the much deserved appreciation for their work!

Send entries to